After being friends and playing music together for almost ten years, Christian Lacayo, Cory McCormick, Carlos Cardenas, and James Cardenas, became The Vast Alps. On it’s face, it may seem like many other indie rock bands you’d find in Southern California, but The Vast Alps is the result of a long musical evolution both collectively and individually. This musical evolution began before the four ever met, as each of them had a passion for music and art since childhood. Time alone has been a distinguishing factor in the development of their musical vision.


Part of what allows the band to avoid being clichéd and watered-down is the fact that all of their content is self-produced. Every lyric, every sound wave, every video clip, and every design, has been created and recorded by The Vast Alps. If that isn’t enough to merit the existence of a band, consider that these guys are more than just tech nerds or gear heads.


At the core of these media productions are thoughtful and well-written songs.

Their debut release Auto Pilot demonstrates a wide artistic range despite being only four tracks. After releasing this EP, the band decided to take a more unconventional route with releasing new music. Instead of releasing an album, the band would release one song each week, a method that they branded 1/1 (One By One). The benefit of releasing at this pace is that each unique track is given a special emphasis and fanfare, even down to the artwork, which changes with each song. This gives the audience a chance to fully digest each song, whereas in an album, tracks that are slower or more experimental might get skipped over.


The Vast Alps is a band that seamlessly incorporates many different styles into their music without being too gimmicky and has attracted a diverse audience. Recordless Review expressed, “I honestly would not be surprised to hear one of their tracks on a Top 40 station in a year or two. A label-less, indie band with professional production values. They aren’t a commercial- sounding band. They are a band that has a distinct, pure, unique sound, with relatable, understated lyrics, and who doesn’t love that?”

April 11th / The Continental Room / Fullerton CA
April 14th / Cal Poly Pomona / Pomona CA
April 25th / Silverlake Lounge / Los Angeles CA
April 29th / DBA Wine Bar / Pomona CA


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